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Helping children grow into their potential.

Virtual consultations and treatment sessions available via secure HIPAA compliant telehealth platform. Most Medicaid managed health plans accepted. Se habla español.



Making therapy fun and meaningful.

Occupational Therapy with Jess is a small practice that has been serving families in Naples, Florida since 2017.  Our pediatric occupational therapy clinic has a sensory motor gym to create a safe multi-sensory environment that enriches children's creativity, coordination, sensory modulation, and social-emotional skills. 

OT with Jess is dedicated to helping children build relationships, maximize skills, and close developmental gaps that arise from developmental challenges. Therapy sessions are client centered where the child’s autonomy is respected and children are engaged in meaningful activities to promote social, emotional, cognitive and physical development based on their individual and family needs. OT with Jess believes that respect, compassion and patience is what children need to build skills. Children develop physical, emotional/social, and cognitive skills by exploring their environment through play as they imitate, interpret, and project their understanding of their environment. Therapy sessions are playful, socially interactive and physically involved. OT with Jess creates a safe environment where children feel encouraged to build on their skills.

We are located in the GreenTree Professional Centre on the corner of Immokalee Road and Airport pulling road. 

10621 Airport Pulling Road N. Suite 8 Naples, FL 34109. 



Person-Environment-Occupation-Performance (PEOP) Therapy Model

Occupational therapy is a holistic approach that uses meaningful activities such as play to rehabilitate and improve skills. Occupational Therapy with Jess uses the Person, Environment, Occupation, and Performance (PEOP) model of practice. There are several factors that impact a person's performance in everyday activities. Treatment sessions and treatment plans are designed with the child's physical, emotional, neurobehavioral and cognitive needs in mind (Personal factors). The environment is also assessed to control for environmental distractions or stressors and to increase social interactions when appropriate (Environmental factors). Occupational therapists assess the specific skills needed to participate in an activity (Occupation), and modify that activity by breaking it down into simpler steps to facilitate participation and success. Performance is consistently monitored to ensure progress.



Speech and language therapy involves the use of meaningful and motivational activities to enhance the overall communication, speech, language and feeding/swallowing skills of a child. At OT with Jess, we believe in treating the whole child to enhance their skills to be successful in their daily interactions and environment.  Speech and language is more than being able to speak!  It is being able to be involved in our environments and interactions through whole communication.  Many areas that speech and language therapists address fall within the following major areas:

  • expressive and receptive language development

  • expressive and receptive language impairment

  • early language and the “late talker”

  • pragmatic and social communication

  • executive functioning

  • reading and phonological awareness

  • articulation and speech intelligibility

  • speech fluency

  • feeding and swallowing

  • selective mutism

  • traumatic brain injury

  • pre-reading skills / reading and writing difficulties

  • voice and resonance issues

  • alternative and augmentative communication

  • academic difficulties

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Office Manager

Elisa graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She has been the office manager at OT with Jess since 2018. She is responsible for administrative tasks & billing .  Elisa is bilingual in English and Italian. When not in the office , you can catch her spending time with her family or on an adventure with her  3 year old boy, Casden.


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Consultations and screenings can help determine if a formal evaluation and treatment plan are warranted. They help families understand the benefits and role of therapy in their child's development. Screenings and consultations are also offered at daycare, preschool and  telehealth.


Standardized assessments are used to determine if a disorder or delay is impacting a child's participation in everyday activities such as play, feeding, toileting, and social engagement. Evaluations allow us to develop a profile of the child's strengths and weaknesses, interests and dislikes, and a baseline of skills that can help with the development of a personalized treatment plan to address specific needs and measure progress.

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Treatment sessions are personalized with the child's abilities and needs in mind to facilitate participation and enhance self esteem. Activities are gradually modified to meet the child's needs, and to make therapy fun and effective. Parent's are the most important people in a child's life therefore parents are provided with strategies to facilitate carryover in their home. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, services are also being provided virtually where parents are coached through therapy play sessions from the comfort of their homes.


A team approach and collaboration with pediatricians, teachers, and other therapist working with the child is beneficial to reinforce skills being addressed in other settings. Consistency and carryover is essential for progress. Collaboration can be done via phone conferences, sharing of progress reports, parent/teacher conferences, and attending Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meetings.

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From the amazing families I have the privilege of serving

It has been a year since I started getting service from OT with Jess for my child I see a lot of progress already.The service is very good she personalizes the child needs ,she is flexible with the time ,more importantly she help me understand my child needs and give me some good ideas so I can help my child at home . I have a wonderful experience with OT with Jess, I make a lot of progress with my child.Even though I have to move to another city I will continue getting service from OTwith I will recommend it to anyone who needs Occupational Therapy for their child.


 I really appreciate the time and flexibility that Ms. Jessica has spent with my son Luis. In a time where good quality services for our special needs children can be hard to find we have found that Ms. Jessica has offered and delivered and we are very happy to have found her. Her experience and knowledge shows throughout the different sessions which she makes sure to keep fun and progressive at the same time. We are so thankful and look forward to meeting all of his goals in the future.


Jessica is that rare continuation of expertise and heart. She is a gifted Occupational Therapist who challenges children and teens to be the best that they can be and truly cares about each individual and family. Our son Dakota has been seeing Jessica since 2017. She started with fine motor difficulties (i.e., how to hold a pencil, use scissors, learn to write his letters, button his shirt, pants and take a deep breath when he didn't master things at first, use his words instead of acting out.) He strives to meet his goals as she challenges him to do so. He has learned to ride a bike with no training wheels, jump rope, balance, skip and jump. We are now working on addition with place values. She comes up with new ideas every week to keep it fresh and fun. Jessica is an excellent Occupational Therapist and I'm grateful to have found OTwithJess for my son and will continue to see her throughout his school years.


Hemos tenido el gran gusto de conocer a Jessica y ha sido en momentos muy difíciles por la pandemia. Debo decir que su calidad de ser humano se compara con su calidad profesional. Su juventud y empatía hacen que mis hijas y yo nos sintamos cómodas con ella, apoyadas con su gran profesionalismo y su encantadora sonrisa que parece inquebrantable a pesar de momentos difíciles. Jessica es una terapeuta que yo recomiendo sin miedo a equivocarme. Me siento confiada por que mis hijas la adoran y se sienten muy felices haciendo terapia con ella.




Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 7:00pm
Saturday - Sunday: Closed



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